Learn the future proof skills  •  Build a virtual business •  Change People´s lives

To build a successful coaching business you need to adapt your business to the digital economy

But there´s a Problem

  • Change is Accelerating 
  • There’s information overload
  • You are overwhelmed
  • Developing yourself is expensive
  • You’re leaving the Future up to chance
  • Nobody has given you a plan

Certified Virtual Coach Faruk combines Futurism – Art and Science with Coaching, everything you need to be pro-active and develop yourself and your business. 


All the skills you need to survive & thrive in the digital age to be successful in your Business and Personal life.


The Total Overview of the key elements needed to start, build, market and launch a successful a virtual Business.


The best communication skills you need to connect and help your customers, have a bigger impact and get understood.

Hi, i am Faruk

I am the owner of Primo Passo and Digital Life upgrade and Certified Virtual Coach. 

11 Years ago, I was a successful professional Dancer for over 20 Years.

But I knew I want to have a family and that my time was limited as a Dancer so something had to CHANGE.

The Idea was to build a coaching business.. This change was so stressful and overwhelm.

That I had 2013 a heavy car accident.

This was my wake up call..

I went out there and learn about Business, Marketing and Next-Level Coaching.

Today I have a wonderful family, a 6-Figure Business and a beautiful lifestyle.

Along the Way, I discover the most important future proof skills that are really relevant when it comes to be pro actively ready for any kind of change or reinvention. I discover also strategies to build and market a successful virtual business, and create a lifestyle that is meaningful and full of freedom.

I shared these secrets with my friends, colleges and clients, and they get the same results.

Today I am ready to share this with the world.. Come and join me.

Industry Love ​

The Brands Faruk Has Been Worked With

The perfect compination between futurism - Art and Next Level Coaching.


We are in a pivot point of a exponential change , we have more and more change  happening in our Business, Relationships and in our Health.

The next 20 years will bring more change than the previous 300 years.

Technology is rebooting our Health, Relationships and Business.

Technology have a  impact on our mental and physical health.

Being  constant connected can cause psychological issues such as distraction, narcissism, expectation of instant gratification, Lack of commitment and even depression.

The way people use technology creates more and more isolation, reduced social interaction and social skills, and increased human-to-machine interactions are all a result of an overuse of technology, which has created a wall between many people globally.

Yes, there is a life beyond exponential tecnology, but only if we are pro-active and learn the future proof skills

What if we really have a education system that actually helped us to discover how we can thrive as humans, not as better machines. 

Faruk is a next level Certified Virtual Coach, he is conscious about the future, he understands transition and transformation.

He helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers and Experts to transform their Business and life.  He study Futurism, Psychology and Business for more than 20 Years.

He created a 7 part framework to help you through transition and transformation.

His intention is to unlock your true potential and help you to identify your Goals and Develop an actionable plan to achieve them. 


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